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About Arden Energy

Arden Energy was established with the vision of integrating electricity supply with energy management services and partnering with customers to reduce their bills through competitive tariffs and improved efficiency. Arden Energy is founded on the belief that organisations and individuals that proactively address the sustainable supply and use of energy will gain competitive advantage by being part of the process of transition to an energy efficient and competitive economy.

The founders have over 40 years combined experience working in sustainable energy in energy utilities, industry and strategic consultancy.  The founders and staff share a personal belief and commitment to sustainable energy.

Arden Energy is a licensed, regulated and bonded electricity supplier.

Reduce Costs

Our unique offering is that we will bring your bills down through cheaper tariffs and by working with you to manage and reduce your usage. We provide an energy management plan and advisory report to all our customers and a qualified energy engineer is just a phone call away any time. We also offer a Pay as You Save service for investment in energy efficiency for companies that want to take the next step and get bigger savings.

Take Control

Arden Energy empowers our customers to take control of and manage their energy use and costs. We provide simple and transparent information on usage and costs to allow businesses understand usage and identify savings. Every customer has a designated energy engineer to guide them in managing energy use and achieving savings.

Renewable Energy

Arden Energy buys electricity generated from renewable generators in Ireland to provide a genuine renewable offer to our customers.  If you are involved in solar, wind, hydro or biomass energy generating projects we would be delighted to speak with you.  We can assist with project planning and design as well as providing the best rate available for electricity exported to the grid. 

Reduce Energy Waste

The cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland estimates that 35% of energy can be saved in businesses with average savings of 5% through small behaviour changes. Arden Energy uniquely provides energy management services for all our customers leading to significant reductions in energy costs.

Deeper Savings

Energy awareness will only take you so far. To get deeper savings investment in energy efficiency is needed. If you are committed to energy efficiency in your premises we can assist through our Pay as You Save service.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We provide regular performance reports with information on energy savings and recommendations for further action to improve performance.

Energy Management

We provide a bespoke energy management action plan for all our customers. This details a series of simple actions that can be taken immediately to take to reduce energy use.


If your organisation is pursuing a sustainability agenda, is seeking certification (eg Origin Green) or needs an energy audit for compliance our energy management services provide a strong foundation for addressing your energy sustainability.

Usage Tools

Want to know exactly when your business is using the most power – or more importantly when it’s wasting the most? Then our detailed heat map and usage graphs can help optimise your businesses energy usage. Our usage tools give you insights into your daily usage and costs, all available through your online account and in monthly reports. You can’t manage what you can’t monitor.

Detailed Graphs

Track your usage patterns using our detailed graphs. You can see if equipment is being left on out of hours and compare consumption on different days.

Smart Meter

You will need a smart meter to access our usage tools. If you send us a copy of a recent electricity bill we can identify your meter type and let you know what needs to be done to upgrade to a smart meter. This is often possible at zero cost to you.


Track your savings with our monthly reports. See how your energy management has reduced usage and costs and get motivation for further action to achieve energy savings.


We help our customers to gain mastery over their power bills through making more informed decisions about how they use and purchase their power.

What Our Customers Say

Arden Energy delivered immediate and significant energy cost savings and clarity on what’s using the most energy which will allow us target further savings

Colm O’Cleirigh

Managing Director - Westcourt Management Services - Co-finalist 2014 Energy Awards

We financed an energy efficient retrofit through Arden Energy’s Pay as You Save plan and achieved energy savings of over 30% combined with reduced tariffs. It was the ultimate win-win.

Susan Richardson

Manager Spade Enterprise Centre

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Unit H 1st Floor,
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