Business Energy Partnership

Arden Energy is an electricity supplier focused on servicing the needs of businesses in Ireland. We have been working successfully with businesses to reduce their energy bills for seven years and understand your energy use and time and financial constraints. Most importantly we know how to reduce energy costs in businesses. We provide competitive rates and provide a clear path to significant cost reductions through energy efficiency.

Reduce Costs

Our unique offering is that we will bring your bills down through cheaper tariffs and by working with you to manage and reduce your usage. We provide an energy management plan and advisory report to all our customers and a qualified energy engineer is just a phone call away any time. We also offer a Pay as You Save service for investment in energy efficiency for companies that want to take the next step and get bigger savings.

Take Control

Arden Energy empowers our customers to take control of and manage their energy use and costs. We provide simple and transparent information on usage and costs to allow businesses understand usage and identify savings. Every customer has a designated energy engineer to guide them in managing energy use and achieving savings.